Top 10 Best Dripping Springs Farms You Can Visit

Best Farms in Dripping Springs

A trip to a local farm can be such an exciting family outing to see chickens, cows, donkeys, pigs, and other farm life. Additionally, farms provide so many learning experiences, too. Young people can connect with mother nature and get a better knowledge of where our foodstuff comes from and the importance of sustainable living. Below you’ll find a list of local farms in Dripping Springs that are open for visits.

Hamilton Pool Vineyards & Farms

25711 Hamilton Pool Rd.
Dripping Springs, TX 78663
(512) 400-4173

Hamilton Pool Farms is a regenerative farm nestled in the heart of “Hill Country” west of Austin, Texas. We offer organically grown fruits and vegetables and medicinal herbs, as well as amazing learning opportunities for all ages. We are actively healing and building our soil through regenerative and biodynamic farming practices such as no-tillage, cover-cropping, composting, mulching, crop rotation, seed saving, and biological controls to manage pests and disease. On our farm, we envision and actively engage in working to build a better world with abundant resources. We aim to share this vision with our local community through volunteering and educational opportunities. –

Black Bear Farm

Austin, TX

We’ve been “for real” farming now since 2016, and what started with 25 chickens has now grown into around 400 chickens (both egg layers and broiler birds)…plus 2 cows, 2 peacocks, a handful of turkeys, 4 pigs, 5 farm pups, about a million-ish bees, 3 cats, 1 amazing greenhouse, 3 kids and 2 wannabe (maybe bonified) farmers! When we’re not working on the farm, you can find us watching our oldest daughter Brooklyn play softball…or our middle son, Brax, swinging his baseball bat…or our little spitfire, Beckett, showing his skills off (or rolling in the dirt) on the soccer field! We live a full, busy life but it’s so much fun yall! We truly love everything that farming has brought into our lives. We love knowing where our food is coming from, and that it’s grown ETHICALLY with the animal in mind each step of the way. We love how much we have learned about ourselves, this process, and just life in general through farming. But most of all, we LOVE that it connects us with the community we live in. We are able to speak to folks about our products and carry on meaningful conversations about food quality, animal health, best practices on the farm, what we can learn, how we can grow, and how a small farm can bring a community closer together. –

New Canaan Farms

5916 Hwy 290 WPO Box 386,
Dripping Springs, TX 786201
800 727 5267

Since 1979, we’ve been offering unique products for your table using the freshest, top-quality, natural ingredients. Our team includes really talented people who create our outstanding preserves and condiments and also dream up ways to use them in recipes that can make your reputation as a cook. If you’re ever in Dripping Springs, please come on by. Our gift shop is right in the heart of the scenic Texas Hill Country. All of our products are on display, and you’re welcome to sample everyone, we hope you’ll find some new favorites! –

Bella Verdi Farms

1450 Highway 290 W. # 1204
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Bella Verdi is a hydroponic grower of specialty greens, herbs, and living lettuce. Bella Verdi grows its products in a controlled environment using sustainable agricultural practices. Such practices involve soiless growing techniques, use of sterile rainwater, no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides are used in growing our products. Pest management is handled using beneficial insects and other organic techniques. All product is grown from Non-GMO seed. Bella Verdi is a registered growing and packing facility with the U.S. FDA and meets or exceeds food safety standards established by the USDA, Texas Department of Agriculture, and the FDA. Bella Verdi has obtained SQF Certification for its growing and packing facilities from third-party food safety auditors; so you can rest assured our products are safe for you and your family. Remember to wash the lettuce. –

Westfold Farm

Driftwood, TX 78619

Wesfold Farm is dedicated to sustainably preserving and restoring heritage breed chicken and bringing them back to the marketplace. Greenwashing and deceptive marketing are sadly rampant in agriculture. Our promises to you are to be genuine, honest, and transparent about our practices here on the farm. When making decisions, stewardship of the land and animal welfare are vital criteria. –

Mick Family Farms

23500 Ranch Road 12
Driftwood, TX 78619
(512) 663-7147

At Mick Family Farms we raise and sell Grass-Fed Lamb. We are located on the Broken M Ranch, just south of Dripping Springs, Texas. –

Fitzhugh Creek LLC Farm and Emporium

Dripping Springs, TX

We are a naturally grown farm and follow organic guidelines. We sell at Dripping Springs Farmer’s Market when it is in operation and to people and restaurants. We may be looking to expand to other farmer’s markets this Spring and Summer, and we are always pleased to have other people enjoy direct purchases from our farm. –

Amador Farms

1101 Loop 165,
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
(512) 858-7733

Bringing fresh lettuces and Asian greens, specializing in Boston Bibb and a few red and green salads in Dripping Springs –

Hills of Milk and Honey

Dripping Springs, TX

Once upon a time, Hills of Milk and Honey was an educational farm in Dripping Springs, Texas. Now, Hills of Milk and Honey develops and publishes engaging curricula to educate the next generation of regenerative leaders. –

Onion Creek Farm

1611 Creek Rd.
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Onion Creek Farm in Dripping Springs, Texas is home to certified organic produce and farm fresh eggs! –

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