Top 5 Best Photo Shoot Ideas for 1 Year Olds

Best Photoshoot Ideas for 1 Year Olds in Dripping Springs

It’s amazing to see how quickly your little one is growing up. To document their transformation, a photoshoot for their first birthday may be just the thing! But it can be hard to know where to start when planning a fun and creative photoshoot. What props should you use? What poses will capture your baby’s personality? How can you make your photos original and unique?

Have no fear! We have some amazing ideas to make this day truly special and help you create beautiful memories of your beloved child’s first year. Whether it’s a classic cake smash or something more daring, we have plenty of suggestions for styling the perfect photo shoot for your one-year-old. From educational themed props to sophisticated outfits and settings, there are lots of ways you can capture your baby’s adorable expression in a creative way. Get ready for an amazing photoshoot experience that both you and your child will love!

Best Infant Photo Shoot Ideas

1. Bake-a-Cake Photo Shoot

Gather up the ingredients for a yummy cake – flour, eggs, sugar, and more – and then let your one year old have a blast helping you bake it! Once the cake is done, fill it with colorful icing and sprinkles and let your little one get creative by decorating it in fun designs. Capture some special moments by taking photos of them proudly showing off their creation.

Jessica Rockowitz

Here’s a great example I found from Jessica Rockowitz:



2. Teddy Bear Picnic

Everyone knows that teddy bears make for the best playmates, and what better way to celebrate the end of one year than with an outdoor picnic? Pack up all of your one year old’s favorite stuffed animals (or buy a few new ones) and lay out a blanket in the grass. Take some candid shots of your kiddo playing with their furry friends and enjoying a yummy snack.

Kelly Smith Photography

Here’s a great example I found from Kelly Smith Photography

3. Bubble-Blow Photoshoot

Let your child blow bubbles of joy with a bubble-blowing photo shoot! Get a package of big, colorful bubbles and let them show off their smiley faces while they try to capture each bubble in mid-air. This activity is simple, fun, and perfect for capturing unique shots that will be cherished for years to come.

Heather Ann Photography

Here’s a great example I found from Heather Ann Photography:

4. Dress Up Photo Fun

Any parent knows that when it comes to dress up and make-believe, there’s no age limit! Encourage your one-year-old to unleash their wild imaginations by dressing up as their favorite characters. Set up a fun backdrop, like a fairy tale castle or pirate ship, and take some photos of them living out their make-believe dreams.

The Wildflower Barn

Here’s a great example I found from The Wildflower Barn Photography:


5. Bath Time Photo Adventure

Babies love bath time, and why not turn it into a cute photo opportunity?! Fill up the tub with toys, suds, rubber ducks, and whatever else your little one loves – then snap away! Capturing those precious moments of laughter and joy is guaranteed to create memories that will last forever.

Al Gawlik Photography

Here’s a great example I found from Al Gawlik Photography


6. Dripping Springs Cake Smash Photoshoot:

Commemorate the special occasion with a cake smash photoshoot! Cake smash photo sessions are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to document those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

We selected Kim Del Angel for a Cake Smash Photoshoot

Kim Del Angel Photography is located here in Dripping Springs off of Nutty Brown Rd. She has a really nice and warm studio perfect for a 1 year olds Cake Smash photo session. You can trust  Kim to bring creativity and energy to the photo shoot. Her goal is always to produce stunning, quality images that capture this important milestone uniquely and beautifully. You can tell Kim is very passionate about creating timeless memories that you can cherish for a lifetime!

Whether you want to have your little one dress up in a costume or simply let them explore their first birthday cake, Kim guarantees that you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend Kim Del Angel Photography to book your 1 year old cake smash photo session.

Here are some sample photos by Kim Del Angel:

Kim del Angel Photography
10802 Kit Carson Dr Suite B
Austin, TX, 78737
(512) 787-3912
Directions to studio

Are you looking for a Cake Smash photographer in Dripping Springs? Whether it’s for your toddler’s first birthday or your toddler’s second, finding the perfect photographer to capture those sweet moments can be a challenge.
Kim del Angel Photography – specializes in capturing life’s precious moments, including those unforgettable Smashed Cake shots. Our experienced photographer will make sure that your little one looks super adorable as they dig into their cake and make an epic mess!
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