Road Trip to Wimberley Texas

Wimberley Texas

Hidden in the midst of magnificent cypress trees lies a picturesque village that looks almost like a painting. Along the banks of a cool spring-fed creek sits Wimberley, Texas‚ located just north of San Marcos, in between Austin and San Antonio. This is the place where girlfriends take a day-trip for the ultimate shopping experience.

welcome-to-wimberley-1It’s the place where families in Houston pack up their cars and head for a weekend getaway, just so they can escape the asphalt and concrete that surrounds them. It’s the place where retired folks call home and everyone knows your name. Wimberley is that fictitious town you read about in novels, but wonder if such a place exists. But there’s nothing fictitious about this town.

If you head out in Mid-April be sure to see the Wimberley blue bonnets along the road side and be sure to capture their beauty since they only bloom once a year.

Things to do in Wimberly Texas

Just a simple stroll through the town’s Main Square and suddenly you’ve stepped into a storybook, the one depicting the small town that always was. You won’t find large buildings or massive shopping centers here. Rather, you’ll find a small gathering of cozy boutiques, carrying everything from fashionable horse saddles to the world’s most comfortable shoes.

You’ll find a small gathering of cozy boutiques, carrying everything from fashionable horse saddles to the world’s most comfortable shoes.

And if your tummy starts to growl, you can dine under the shaded trees overlooking the lovely water, a view that’s given Wimberley its quaint charm. There’s even a cure for your sweet tooth just right around the corner. The world of Wimberley, although a small one, is literally at your fingertips.

File:Swimming in Jacob's Well.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsThe center of Wimberley revolves around one very distinctive place‚ Blue Hole Regional Park. Derived from the renowned Blue Hole swimming hole on Cypress Creek, this particular location has been a haven for visitors since the 1920s. Set back amongst a bouquet of splendid trees and lush greenery, this destination is a popular spot for vacationers and locals alike. Visitors can swim the creek from Memorial Day till Labor Day.

Restaurants in Wimberley Texas

With an assortment of places to shop and eat, Wimberley also lends itself to being a small commune for artisans. The creativity in this quaint little village goes above and beyond your average art gallery. From sculptors and jewelers to musicians and poets, there is an amazing diversity of talent that’s both seen and heard throughout. The most popular artisan will even let spectators watch as he blows glass into marvelous shapes and colors.

There are lots of little restaurants around town that will feature local wineries and Wimberley vineyards from the hill country. If you don’t have a chance to head out the vineyards in Wimberley or surrounding areas – be sure to sip an take the local wines in your restaurants.

While growth may trickle throughout the Hill Country, Wimberley aims to keep its boundaries within limits, striving to maintain that small town feel—the very reason folks from nearby and afar come to visit this place, a jewel in the heart of the Hill Country.

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