Top 10 Best Dripping Springs Acupuncture

Best Acupuncture in Dripping Springs

If an alternative method to healthcare appeals to you, acupuncture may be a good fit. An acupuncturist is your companion in managing symptoms and offering healing and health care. Your acupuncturist will direct you through many decisions regarding protecting your health or dealing with a condition or symptom with acupuncture. Start by inquiring about your primary care doctor for a referral list of acupuncturists. You may also ask family, friends, and other healthcare providers for advice. Take the time to research the acupuncturists’ credentials and experience online. Below is a list of acupuncturists in Dripping Springs.

Ming Yin Acupuncture Clinic

104 Grand Prairie Cir Unit A
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Neck & Shoulder Pain. Low Back Pain.Knee Pain. Elbow Pain. Sports Injuries.Smoking Cessation. Stress/Anxiety. Migraine Headache. TMJ. Stroke Recovery. –

Shepherd Functional Medicine

Dripping Springs, TX 78620

A specific type of needling, very effective for the treatment of myofascial pain and muscle dysfunction. The only similarity between Acupuncture and Dry Needling is that they share the same needles. They are however two very different sciences, each requiring a certain level of training. Dry needling is a purely neuromuscular approach to treating trigger points based on the clinical findings of Dr. Janet Travell. –

Fascial “Acupuncture” Subcutaneous Target

800 W Hwy 290 Bldg F suite 400,
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Affordable & accessible traditional acupuncture for anyone & everyone! Performed in a private setting with aromatherapy, music, & meditation in a dimly lit room. Treatments can be used weekly, lowering stress & improving sleep. ​Acupuncture reduces cortisol & assists the body with healing. Small needles are placed painlessly at points on hands, feet & head. There is no disrobing. –


166 Hargraves Dr. E200
Austin, TX 78737

Originating over 5,000 years ago, acupuncture is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world. Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body by inserting thin needles to address ailments, move energy, and balance the body. Complimentary organic tea is served after every session for your relaxation. –

Hill Country Healing Haven

101 Hays St #406,
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Offering you a safe haven to begin healing your emotional and physical pain with acupuncture, mindfulness, and herbs so you can stop suffering and start flourishing. This space also provides our community with a place to explore the healing arts together through classes, groups, and events. I can’t wait to meet you! –

Acupuncture + Restorative Medicine

13110 E Hwy 290,
Austin, TX 78737
(512) 915 7915

Located in between South Austin & Dripping Springs Texas, Acupuncture RM is an integrative medical practice specializing in chronic pain relief, optimizing fertility (women’s reproductive health) + skincare. We treat our patients with the most up-to-date holistic medical solutions to help you get back to living YOUR life to its fullest. –

Bee Cave Acupuncture

14001 Bee Cave Pkwy. Bldg B, Ste 200
Bee Cave, TX 78738
(512) 263-4099

We understand your pain, stress, and frustration, we have been there. We are an experienced and caring group of Licensed Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and Functional Nutritionists that have helped many patients in their health journey. We would love to serve you as well! Our products and services include acupuncture, massage therapy, functional nutrition, cupping, and herbal consultations, as well as herbs and whole food supplements. We also offer packages that include multiple sessions and services at a preferred rate. –

Indigo Healing Acupuncture

14141 E Hwy 290 Suite 510,
Austin, TX 78737
(512) 686-0777

Specializing in Chronic Pain, Fertility & Pregnancy Support, Pediatrics, and Migraine Headaches. Indigo Healing Acupuncture offers customized treatment plans designed to provide you with long-term relief of chronic pain. –

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