Top 10 Best Painted Churches in Texas

Best Texas Painted Churches in Texas

Inside, each is decorated in a profusion of color, with nearly every surface covered in bright paint. German and Czech immigrants fleeing the Austrian Empire celebrated religious freedom found here in Texas by decorating humble Texas churches with gaudy and glorious interiors. Most of today’s remaining painted churches are second or third church buildings, some destroyed by fire, others, by hurricanes. Of the some 20 painted churches in Texas, 15 are listed on the National Register of historic sites.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

8227 County Rd 205
Plantersville, TX 77363

St. Mary’s Church is one of the few churches with a short steeple. Perhaps the lightning storm that destroyed the original structure in 1917 taught the parishioners not to tempt nature with a tall bell tower. Amazing Painted Catholic church, this inside is so gorgeous you really need to see it. The grounds around the church are awesome too with lots of sitting areas that are shaded so if you need to just stop and take a break this is a great spot for that too.The painting of the lamb with incensing angels is painted on canvas appliqued to the arch. The theme of the victorious lamb is common in painted churches.


St.Mary’s Church of the Assumption

821 FM1295
Flatonia, TX 78941

St.Mary’s Church of the Assumption sits on a hill in a live oak grove, and most of its parishioners are of Czech decent. Praha, the Czech spelling for Prague, must have reminded early residents of their homeland. Built of solid rock, the church’s tall steeple welcomes all. The altar is the work of master hands. Stained glass windows represent scenes from the life of Christ and filter the bright, hot, Central Texas sunlight in an explosion of color. Look for the All-Seeing Eye, framed in a triangle, said to have been painted on the ceiling to keep a watchful eye on the congregation and to remind children to pay attention. As Psalm 33 says, “Behold the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him.”



St. Mary’s at High Hill

2833 FM 2672
Schulenburg, TX 78956

Know as the “Queen of the Painted Churches,” St. Mary’s High Hill boasts the most extensive and elaborate painted interior in the state. Two San Antonio painters executed the painting in 1912. The ceilings and walls combine freehand painting and stenciling, while wooden columns showcase skillful marbling. The spandrel above the apse features the Lamb of God, set in a quatrefoil flanked by kneeling angels. Rich, red carpet contrasts the gold tones of the ornate ceiling paintings.




Saints Cyril and Methodius Church

306 S Ave F
Shiner, TX 77984

Unknown artists began painting Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in 1909. Delighted to discover these hidden historic works of art in such unexpected places in the Texas countryside. This is one of Texas beautiful painted catholic churches! If you take a self-guided tour, you can only peek into the church, as it remains locked unless open for regular services. Make sure to go inside. The design inside is simple stenciling that frames the Stations of the Cross. There you will see Examples of pounce, a variation of infill painting, are hand-painted throughout the church. Dont forget to look up at The ceiling and nave are sky blue, accented by organic stenciling.\


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

7745 Mensik Rd
La Grange, TX 78945

Fred Donecker and sons began painting the interior of Ammansville’s St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in 1919. This sweet little painted church is pretty in pink, with delicate stencils throughout. The banister and newel details are painted faux-finished marble. A window at the side entrance was installed in an arch shape with clear panes, making views outside appear as stained glass.

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