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The Barber Shop brewpub is located in downtown Dripping Springs, Texas in a historic building that began life in 1924. In its earliest life, the building served as a garage before later becoming a barber shop. In addition to a well-considered selection of popular local, national, and international beers and wines, we have a tap or two of our own special brews!

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The History of The Barber Shop Old timers chuckle at calling this building “the old barber shop,” but that’s what it was for the past quarter century. Our building started its life around November 1924 as a wooden and tin garage. In 1938, when it was owned by D.W. Crenshaw, it was given its rock exterior. The building served as a garage and gas station until around 1960. After that, it was not used commercially for most of the next 25 years when it was then remodeled and turned into a barber shop. As a point of interest, in 1937, Crenshaw and a mechanic who worked for him, James Farrell, bought the lot across the street from the then garage to build a movie theater. While it had its fits and starts, it was actually used as a movie theater for a bit. That is now the Wells Fargo building. For a truly detailed history of Dripping Springs, read The Complete History of Dripping Springs, Texas and the P.A. Smith Survey by Carl Waits.