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International Dark Sky Community

Bring your whole family and your friends to a free celebration of the Texas Night Sky!
Two-thirds of the US population can’t see the Milky Way at night, and the fault lies not in our stars, but in our lighting. We can change that. Join in fun citizen science activities, see the exhibits of good lighting you can have at your home or business, learn from the pros how to take pictures of the stars, judge the school projects to reduce light pollution yourself, and explore the stars. It’s time to have the light you need while you reduce glare, save money, eliminate light trespass, and protect your health and safety.
We all want artificial light at night outdoors sometimes but let’s do it right! Who wants to get rid of GLARE, reduce our ENERGY COSTS, stop LIGHT TRESPASS, understand how lighting affects our HEALTH, improve SAFETY, save the night for WILDLIFE, and restore our view of the STARS?
If you, your customers, or your community wants to address any of those issues, then you need to come to the Better Lights for Better Nights.
Held in August, check the website for date and time.